Year 2014

Ceramic pots have appeared as a need to store food/produce once man made the transition from nomadic lifestyle to creating settlements and practice agriculture.

The current pottery design project explores the functional and aesthetic properties of a mixture of clay and chamotte dust which needs only one firing process in order to create objects that are suitable for food and liquid storage and for daily use.

The chamotte dust helps reduce shrinkage in drying and firing and gives strength to the final fired product. It does not need a second firing process or glazing. In addition, its rough tactile qualities makes it appealing to the sense of touch.

The present project consists of three food containers and a flower vase/fruit bowl. The latter has a double function: a flower vase that has a large base meant to collect the flower petals as they gradually fall or a fruit bowl.

Material ceramic and hemp string
fruit bowl Ø 300mm, h30mm
small bowl Ø 120mm, h 80mm
tall bowl Ø 90mm, h 230mm
barrel bowl Ø 120mm, h 180mm