Honest Goods Collection
Design team Andreea Machidon, Veronica Olariu, Ruxi Sacaliș
Craftsmen/women Pavel Iacob, Gheorghe Gegiu, Ion Badea, Cornelia Călușeru, Ionel Moise, Rodica Prundaru
Manufacturer Pro Patrimonio Foundation
Year 2016

Golescu Collection – Honest Goods is based on the search for a common ground between design and tradition. The result of this experimental project is a collection of imperfect geometry, but useful and honest in relation to history and the cultural landscape.

The collection is part of the ProPatrimonio Foundation’s strategy to conceive a durable heritage brand.

The collection of everyday utensils, connected to architectural heritage, is the result of a working process that fans out from the central point that is the Villa Golescu (Câmpulung city, Argeș County, south Romania) and crafts from the Muscel region, Romania and which sets out from the idea of a cultural landscape.

It took shape as a project/experiment in architecture and object design in dialogue with traditional everyday utensils. It represents a project whereby craftsmen from the Muscel region, Romania and designers can experiment and create objects inspired by traditional culture and adapted to contemporary needs.

The collection comprises 5 series of objects:
Chopping boards, Culinary utensils, Ceramic pots, Outdoor and Lighting

Materials wood, ceramic, limestone, cotton, hazel
Narrative by Mirela Duculescu
Sketches by Andreea Machidon, Veronica Olariu, Ruxi Sacaliș
Photo of Vila Golescu by Mihai Bodea
Photos by Andreea Machidon and Anton Marinescu