Year 2012

Tre.foil is a simple wooden stool that explores the rural culture, particularly the traditional hand-crafted wooden objects.

The inspiration comes from the low three-legged stool that in most regions of Romania accompanied the dining table that gathered the family around in a farmer’s house.

The bond between the farmer and its objects was defined by the craft and knowledge used in realising them. The simplicity in function and construction of the crafted objects shows their relationship with the user: to simply serve his daily activities around the farm.

The current stool tries to explore this balanced relationship between function, construction and craft, but finding contemporary means of expression through the wooden joints.

The minimal structure of the stool and the way it is constructed is meant to be easily understood and to define its aesthetic features.

Material solid oak
Dimensions 50x50x45 cm
Photos by Mirela Crăciun Photography