Free time depot
Timber construction workshop at the old brewery in Turda, Romania
Year July 2014

The former Brewery in Turda is located on the banks of the Arieș River. Built between 1796-1814 by Lazăr Simon Mendel, the ensemble is a listed building. The building of the factory is characterized by several features typical of the industrial heritage of the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century.

At present the building is in a regeneration process initiated by the Rațiu family, and a first step in this direction was achieved by setting up the Free Time Factory in one of the spaces of the former brewery – a youth centre that promotes volunteering, community involvement and personal development.

A study was carried out on the relationship between the former brewery, the Arieș River, the Central Park and the city center of Turda, with devision of a strategy of direct connection of the factory with the river and the creation of a promenade along the Arieș River linking the park, the factory and the city center.

We proposed a practical workshop for building a timber-covered stage on the river banks to serve the outdoor activities of the Free Time Factory and the “Ion Rațiu” Theater Workshop. This stage is the first step in the strategy of approaching the riverfront.

The site of the workshop is the imprint of a former warehouse, today demolished.

10 architecture and landscape architecture students and graduates have built a wooden structure in two and a half weeks and had the opportunity to experiment, get involved, and assimilate new knowledge about timber construction.

A stage was built for the city of Turda to enjoy, organizing outdoor cultural events and thus contribute to the revitalization of the area of the former brewery.

Workshop managerial team
Rațiu Democracy Center (CRD) Pamela Rațiu – Executive director, Doinița Pop – Project Manager
Free time Factory
Pro Patrimonio Foundation arch. Șerban Sturdza, arch. Oana Androi, arch. Ruxi Sacaliș
Marius Șoflete Inginerie Creativă


Design team
Architecture s.c. Prodid s.r.l. arch. Oana Androi, arch. Ruxi Sacaliș, consultant arch. Șerban Sturdza
Engineering eng. Marius Șoflete


Building site
Site supervisor eng. Tichy Ana
Workshop on-site coordinator eng. Marius Șoflete


Photos and film by Oana Androi and Ruxi Sacaliș